A Guide To The Used Citroen AX

Published: 04th April 2011
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The Citroen AX was the French manufacturer’s super mini built from 1986 until 1998. Launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1986, it was designed and made to replace the Citroen Visa and the Citroen LNA.

Originally released as only a 3 door model, with a good variation of engines, the 1.0, 1.1 and 1.4 litre petrol engines were great engines, and reliable. Shortly after, they released a 5 door model as well as a 1.4 litre diesel engine, which was soon replaced by a 1.5 litre unit.

The Citroen AX was a very economical, mainly down to its excellent aerodynamics and light weight body, weighing only 640kg when choosing the basic model in the range.

In 1986 a model was released placed the Citroen AX in the Guinness Book Of Records, a naturally aspirated diesel Citroen AX, using the 1360cc TUD engine drove over 1000 miles / 1609 kms from Dover to Barcelona on 45.5 L / 12 US gallons for fuel, making it at the time the most economical production car.

In 1991 the Citroen AX had a facelift, the most noticeable changes were to the interior dash, and the rear end of the car.

Only 5 years later production of the Citroen AX was slowed down, to make way for the introduction of the Citroen Saxo, and then finally production of the AX finished in 1998 after a successful 12 years.

The Citroen AX was great value for money as a new car, and is still great value as a used car today, with many still on the roads. It was a comfortable car, and was very popular, it was labelled "Chic on the cheap". The suspension on the Citroen AX, was not as complicated as that of the larger Citroens, but still travelled smoothly over the lumps and bumps on the roads with the composure of the much larger vehicles.

When compared to the other super mini cars in the range, the Citroen AX was the most responsive when driven, mainly down to its lightness. The facelift in 1991 meant that the Citroen AX had better brakes and was generally more modern looking. Insulation was vastly improved making the cabin inside the Citroen AX a much quieter place to travel.

Even today as a used car, the Citroen AX is still a very reasonable runabout, and one which won’t break the bank! Because of its galvanised panels, rust has not been much of a problem, so when looking to buy a used Citroen AX you only really need to check for bumps and scratches.

The whole range of engines in the used Citroen AX feel perky, even the diesels! It handles well with great ride comfort.

A used Citroen AX makes a perfect first car, or a great second family runabout, there is plenty of leg room in the front, not so much in the back, but fine for travelling with children in the back. The used Citroen AX is one of the most reliable of the older models of Citroens, with a man from the AA even stating that the used Citroen AX was a super little car, and they hardly ever got called out to assist on the roadside.

It is still a popular little car, with its own members club, all dedicated just to the Citroen AX. Many used Citroen AX’s are still available on the used car market today, for as little as £295! Bargain..

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